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cherries with chocolate muffins

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

We are at the beginning to get to the ending of the cherries season, So they are relatively cheap now everywhere, so time to make something nice.

Last week was Fathers day (if you don’t have this where you’re from, this is a holiday to appreciate your father. It’s quite normal to go to your parents on this day and give your father and maybe grandfather a token/gift. We also have mothers day. It’s basically the same thing only for mothers.)

so, last week was Fathers day, and my grandparents would also be at my parents place. Because it is quite a ride with public transport so it had to be travel proof what I wanted to make.

My parents and grandparents both tried my lemoncake before, and it would also be for my boyfriends birthday a bit (it would be his birthday 2 days after that)

Well I knew my boyfriend really like this German cherry cake called “Schwarzwalder kirsch cake” But I bought the wrong kind of cherries and the cream would not survive the trip.

Next to that I did not want it to be a chocolate overdose.

So that is how my vanilla muffins with chocolate and cherries got born!

It is really satisfying when you make a recipe and it actually works out in the first try!

For the Monday after that weekend I got the change to make them again only this time for my boyfriends colleagues. I am always so tense making things for other people, but I love to do it also! And I got so much great feedback, so being tense was totally worth it.

The cherries is the worse thing about this recipe. It’s was real pain in the ass to pitted those cherries and took a lot of time… But I found out that a tiny ¼ teaspoon can help to get those pips out!

Preparation + baking time: 1,5 hour +/-
oven: 190°C
8 muffins


45 gr. Oatflour
140 gr. All purpose flour
½ tsp bakingsoda
1 tsp bakingpowder
¼ tl salt
45 gr. Brown sugar
50ml coconut oil/melted vegan butter
1 tbsp lemonjuice
165 ml almondmilk
1 tsp vanilla extract
180 gr cherries (pitted)
80 gr. Pure chocolate pieces (40gr. For inside the cakes and 40gr. To drizzle on top.)


Begin with getting the pips out and cut up the cherries in strips. This is the most work of the whole recipe. After that turn on the oven on 190°C.

Put all the dry ingredients in 1 bowl, the oatflour, all purpose flour, bakingsoda, bakingpowder, sat and sugar en mix it.

Put all the wet ingredients in another bowl, the coconut oil/butter, lemon-juice, milk and vanilla extract.

And after a quick whisk pour it into the dry ingredients (don’t wait to long with putting the wet into the dry because the lemon-juice will curdle the milk.) mix all the ingredients well, but don’t over-mix.

Put in the cherries and 40gr. Of the chocolate in the batter and mix carefully, after that pour into about 8 muffin/cupcake molds.

Bake them for about 30 minutes and test if ready with a toothpick, this needs to be dry when you get it out.

Leave the cakes out to cool and melt the other 40gr. Of chocolate, you can drizzle this over the muffins. Put them in the fridge to let the chocolate harden.

Eetsmakelijk! (“have nice meal” in Dutch)

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