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Vegan Eggnog Easter Cheesecake

You would think there are some things you are not able to veganize, that something made completely out of egg would be one of those things. But no, this experiment is successful! And amazingly good! Easter is coming and everything is eggs, eggs, eggs… But eggs are not included for a vegans diet. I can …

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Vegan Cherry Turnovers with Whipped Cream

Valentine’s day is coming up and one does like it more than the other. Personally I can’t say that I’ve ever been a real valentine celebrator. I always thought valentine’s day was really cringy, and to romantic for my appetite. But every opportunity is a good excuse to make something sweet, and so I did! …

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Halloween Vegan Eyeball Candy

It is October and that means Halloween is coming! And sometimes I’m just really unlucky and so my tiny microwave-oven, who helped me baking for 2 years, multiple times a week, died unfortunately… but that didn’t keep me from making something sweet! With Halloween knocking on our doors a little to none, gelatin free/ vegan …