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Caramel with Espresso Butter-cream 3/3

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Caramel with Espresso Butter-cream

Hey, Hello there, if you found this recipe trough my other post then you’d probably know that there are 3 other versions of this recipe, if you didn’t then you can find them here.

I think this one was the most difficult one, I wanted a super creamy but dense butter-cream but with vegan subs this was not an easy task, also more it was my first butter-cream recipe. First I tried to use the base of my mascarpone (the same as in the cherry and mascarpone version), but this was not a success, after a lot of hassle I realized this was not gonna work and I had to try another approach.

So I took a regular cupcake butter-cream recipe and just made it my own with vegan subs and this worked quite well!

Just as with the other 2 recipes this one also has a base of an Almondcake and so we will start with this.

Prepration time of the cake 5 a 10 minutes
Preparation time of toppings: +/- 30 minutes
Bakingtime: 45 min
Round or square baking mold of 20cm


195gr. Almond flour
125. gr cornstarch
90 gr. Sugar
20 gr ground flaxseed
2 tbsp + ½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
250 ml water (you can try and sub it with a plant-based milk but I didn’t)
2 tsp vanilla extract


preheat the oven on 170 °C and line your baking mold with bakingpaper or grease your mold with oil/butter.

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, the cornstarch, almond-flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and the ground flaxseed. (you don’t need to make a flax-egg for this recipe just toss it in there!)

Mix the vanilla with the 250ml of water and pour this gradually over the dry ingredients while stirring, until its a fairly wet cake batter.
You might think it’s to wet for this to work but you will be surprised cause it will firm up in the oven very quickly.

Bake for 40-45 minutes on 170°C until the top is golden-brown.

Let it cool down on a cooling rack outside of the mold!
Make sure that the cake is not stuck to the sides when you try to get it out of the mold, or else your cake will fall apart since it’s quite fragile when warm.

When the cake is completely cooled down you can start adding the toppings.


Preparation time caramel: 15-30 minutes
Preparation time butter-cream: 10 minutes


50 ml water
100gr. Sugar
45 gr. Butter (I used the plant-based butter from Floraplant)
75 ml vegan cooking cream/whipped cream
1 tsp salt

Start with putting sugar in a pan and adding 50ml water to that. Leave this on a low/middle heat WITHOUT stirring, until it’s nice and golden-brown this might take around 15-30 minutes.

Then stir the butter, cream and salt trough the hot sugar.

Carefully pour it into a bottle or jar to cool down.

Espresso butter-cream:

25ml Espresso

125 gr. Butter

30 gr. Powdered sugar

150 gr. violife cream-cheese

1 package of vanilla sugar

2 tbsp cornstarch

Make a cup of coffee and let this cool down.

Meanwhile cut up the butter into pieces and mash the powdered sugar a bit into the butter, this is to prevent the powdered sugar will fly everywhere. After that mix it together into a creamy substance. Put in the rest of the ingredients except the coffee.

Make sure the coffee is really cold, you could even put in in the fridge to cool it down even more, the colder the better (unless frozen of course.).

And then gradually pour in the coffee while mixing. Stop immediately when you feel the cream is getting to loose!

When having a nice and creamy butter-cream you can put into a piping bag.

Get your cake if you want to serve it into a little bowl like I did you can pour a little bit of caramel on the bottom and then add to cake on top off that. But if you serve it on a plate this is not convenient.

So if you serve it on a plate leave the caramel on the bottom out and just pour it over the top, you could even cut it into 2 layers and put the caramel and butter-cream inbetween and on top of it.

Garnish how ever you like, you could even add some extra almond shavings or something like that.

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